Proctorial Board

Chief Proctor

Prof. H.S. Palsania (2711139/+91-9460144084)

Additional Chief Proctor

Prof. Rajesh Kumar (+91-9460458459)

Associate Proctors

Prof. I.U. Khan (Drawing & Painting)
Dr. Tamegh Panwar (History)
Dr. Ammilal Rao (Chemistry)
Dr. Dev Dutt Patel(Zoology)
Dr. Vinit Kumar Dudi (Public Admn.)
Dr. Anshu Verma (Music)
Dr. Poonam (Bus. Adm.)
Dr. Jagadeesh Prasad Meena (Drawing & Painting)


The University proctorial board has the responsibility of maintaing discipline, law and order in the campus. All constituent colleges have their own proctorial boards.